Kiwi CS Grad Survey

In April 2013 I run a survey of Computer Science graduates from New Zealand universities. My goal was to find out:

  • Where, how and how quickly were they able to find a job after graduating?

  • Did they move overseas or stay in New Zealand?

  • Have they chosen an academic vs. an industry career and what are these jobs like?

  • Are they able to use skills they acquired during the studies in their job?

  • What kind of salaries do they earn and how that depends on factors such as gender, nationality, work experience, degree etc.?

  • Are they happy with their choices and what advice would they give to current graduates?

In total 155 people have responded to this survey from all 7 NZ universities. 85 out of these were Masters or PhDs, because this was the group I wanted to focus on specifically.

The summary of the survey (scroll down for a PDF) contains a very generic overview of all responses, but many more insights can be gained by focusing on specific groups of people, like I did in my keynote at NZ CSRSC 2013. If you are interested in certain correlations in the data please contact me.