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Title: Arrest and Interview of Mark HARRISON (aka FREEMAN) 

Date: 10 September 2009
Time: 09.30am

Location of Incident:  Secrets Nightclub - 33 Cuba St Te Aro Wellington 6011

Surname: Saunders
Given Name: Kevin
Street Address: 100 Karori Rd
Town/Suburb: Karori
City / Postcode: Wellington  6012
Tel (H): 8012121
Tel (W):
Tel(Mob): 21873434

enRoute credit card: 201481819938993

Details of Incident

In the early hours of 9 September 2009 at approximately 12:15 am witnesses heard a number of gunshots which appeared to be discharged from the back entrance of the Apple Computer Inc. in Wellington, New Zealand. 

Mark Harrison (05/08/1958) also known as Freeman was shot on the premises where he was seen to be exiting towards the carpark area. 

A Glock pistol and a number of empty bullet rounds were recovered within arms reach of the deceased. The serial number on the pistol was AD56789Z35A. These have been booked in as exhibits for a museum in Lower Hutt.

Witness Details: Tom Jeckel of 102 Vivian St Te Aro Wellington 6011
Money was transferred to 4324 2798 7830 0632. 

What is happening?

Caller indicated that the Comanchero Bikie Gang was actively involved in smuggling young Asian women into New Zealand to work as prostitutes in Comanchero controlled brothels.

When is it happening / Did it happen?

No information provided.

Where is it happening?

The caller could only state that it was happening in Wellington from his knowledge but indicated that he thought it likely that it extended to Auckland as well. When prompted as to why he believed this to be the case his response was that he was aware of a strong established Chapter of Comancheros operating out of Auckland.

How is it happening?

Caller unsure but believes that the women are smuggled into Auckland in the first instance and then they are transported overland to Wellington. Caller stated that the women are transported in groups of 3 or 4 and are locked in the back of delivery trucks which are hired by the Bikie gang members.